Nothing But the Best

We believe every kitchen, restaurant and customer deserves nothing but the best and we guarantee that. Daniels is a USDA-inspected facility, establishment number 2896. We routinely test each lot of product, including ground beef for E-coli/0517:H7 in accordance with FSIS Notice 65-07. We perform our own in-house testing several times per week. We have a third party laboratory that will also randomly test each lot of product. 

We also require that all of our vendors test for E-Coli/0517:H7, BSE and other pathogens on all products prior to shipment to our processing plant. 

Don't buy food products for your restaurant or food service business unless your vendor is:

Portion Control 

We have experienced meat butchers who have been highly trained in portion and quality control. We understand that the two go hand-in-hand, and have a number of check points to ensure both before a product leaves our plant for shipment. Daniels ensures products do not contain any extra trimmings or waste, and the portion requested by a customer is guaranteed. 

Please call us at (562) 948-4408 if you have any additional questions about our quality and portion control.